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Do I have to know how to paint?

Do I have to know how to paint? No  painting experience is needed! Only requirement is to have a positive  attitude and “brush” off any negative thoughts. Our local teaching  artist will guide you from start to finish, allowing you to relax and  create.

Can I choose a painting? Please  click on our "REGISTER AND VIEW UPCOMING EVENTS" on the left. Here you  will find featured paintings rotated throughout each month for you to  choose from. If you see a painting you want to register for but the  session says “sold out,” don't give up! Register for the waiting list  and if a spot opens up we will contact you right away or, look to other  dates the same painting may be offered another day.

Do I need to pre-register? Yes,  seating is limited so you must pre-register through our website or by  calling us at 860-342-4273.  You can register and pay online by going to  our Calendar, and clicking on the image for our easy check out system,  or by phone with one of our Peconic Paint and Sip associates.

How early should I arrive?  Class begins promptly at the hour specified! We recommend that you  arrive 15-30 minutes before class starts so that you have time to get  your complimentary glass of wine, tour the venue and get seated.

Can I paint my own painting?  Yes. We will be teaching a featured painting but you can paint whatever  you wish. This happens often when an established artist wants to enjoy  some social painting time with their family or friends who do not know  how to paint. Keep in mind, if you choose to go off our creative path  you are on your own, we can give some guidance should you need it,  just  ask. We encourage creativity! Put your own twist on the painting!  Change up the colors.

What is included in the price? A great, relaxing  atmosphere, a beverage of your choice, professional instruction,  canvas, use of our paint brushes, paint, pallet, easel and an apron.

What size is the Canvas?  The size of the canvas will depend upon the complexity of the  individual painting and the length of time of the class. Generally we  paint a 14" x 18" painting, however, some 3 hour classes may be painting  a 16" x 20" canvas. The size of each canvas will be listed on our  website.

Can I sit with my friend or group of friends?  Yes. By registering with a Group Name we will know who is in your group  and can seat you all together. You will see details when registering  from our online Calendar or by calling and speaking with one of our  Peconic Paint and Sip associates.

Will my painting be dry by the end of class? Yes. For the most part. Acrylic paint do dry very fast.

Can I have a private party?  Yes. Anything from Girl's Night Out, Fundraising Events, Corporate  Events to Birthdays--the artist will be devoted solely to your group.  Call for details.

Is there an age limit? Note that it is the law, you must be 21 years of age to consume alcoholic beverages and must have a valid picture ID.

Do you provide food and beverages?  We do provide the complimentary first glass of wine. Beyond that, each  venue is different, some offer wine only, some offer a full bar, some  offer light snacks and others offer more. Check our website for specific  information as to what is offered at each venue.

Can I bring my own wine or beer? No, we will provide you with the complimentary first glass of wine. Additional beverages will be available at your own expense.

What should I wear? We  provide aprons, but accidental spills or splatters may occur so we  suggest wearing something you wouldn't mind getting paint on just in  case.

What happens if I if I have to cancel? Cancellations  should be made by phone or by e-mailing us 7 days in advance. If we  have a no show — no cancellation, the credit card that holds the  reservation will be charged, no refund, no credit.